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...Wrapping your Mind around Spirits

Updated: May 24, 2018

Thirty years ago I would not have believed in anything that I now believe. In fact, twenty years ago I was still living in my close-minded world where everything was black or white and there was no room for anything remotely resembling color or change in my thinking. Women had their jobs to do, men had theirs. The LGBT community did not exist and everyone who did not believe the way I did was out to ruin the world. Well, not quite, but almost.

If you read my book, Mediums Not So Rare, you will learn that my mind changed during some traumatic times I went though. It changed a LOT! You could say that my thinking was turned upside down. I had discovered the spirit side of life, or death, depending on how you want to view it. How had I gotten through life never considering that love continues after death and our loved ones are with us guiding our lives even if we can’t see them?

Enter the mediums. To say I have been blown away by things I was told by mediums might be an understatement. But, the most important thing I took away from my spiritual learning was that love and caring and kindness all matter. When spirits talk to us through mediums or even through our own reflections, they give us messages of goodness and assistance for our problems. The spirits tell us what we NEED to know, not necessarily what we want to hear. They tell it like it really is, except they do it gently with love.

The main influence that my loving spirits accomplished through the mediums was to open up my mind. That is, they opened it to all things new, helping me consider all ideas with new eyes and best of all, questioning everything I knew or had heard in my lifetime. I learned to keep my mouth shut at times when I would have said too much or said hurtful things full of judgment. I learned that it is possible to travel out of my body, to look at all religions with impartiality and lose my attachment to any of them and yet, appreciate them for attempting to find goodness.

I have become a citizen of the universe. I do not need rules made by politicians and people who try to maneuver others through fear and wealth. I do not need a religious text that says it was okay for one tribe to slaughter another tribe because their god said it was their right to take over the land. I do not need rituals to display my faithfulness in front of others and to make myself feel worthy. In my mind, if it doesn’t have to do with love, then it is something formed in the mind of humans and is likely judgmental. You do not have to feel the way I do, and I do not have to feel the way you do; we need to decide what we believe by feeling what is right inside ourselves.

If I have love, I AM worthy no matter what my present beliefs are, even if they may disagree with your beliefs. A day, or a year, or ten years from now I will probably have many new ideas, but that is a good thing. I am growing each day, revising my thoughts, learning what is good and what needs to go; questioning all things. I am learning from spirits, learning from other people, learning from experiences of life and learning most importantly, from myself. Trust the spirits that surround you with love. Talk to them. They will not lead you astray.

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