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Book Excerpts

Psychic Gifts of Mediums

Chapters  (Click on highlighted chapters below.) 

Chapter I:          Into the Depths                                          

Chapter II:         In the Twinkling of an Eye    


Chapter III:       Out of an Acorn…  


Chapter IV:       Clearing My Path  


Chapter V:        A New Job                                                   

Chapter VI:      Messages, Messages                                   

Chapter VII:     Finding My Path    


Chapter VIII:    Abigail Rose Newman: Psychic Artist                

Chapter IX:      John Wayne: Shaman                                      

Chapter X:       Christine Day: Pleiadian Seminar                        

Chapter XI:     Ayala Chen: Kabbalistic Astrologer                  

Chapter XII:    Maggie Chula: Channel for Master Teachers  of the Akasha                                          

Chapter XIII:   Penny: Psychic Healer                                        

Chapter XIV:   DK Brainard: Intuitive Astrologer                     

Chapter XV:    Laurie Stinson: Medium                               

Chapter XVI:   Cindy Kaza: Public Psychic                             

Chapter XVII:  On the Other Hand  


Chapter XVIII: An Elephant in the Room


Chapter XIX:     Final Exam                                            


Abigail Newman

Chapter VIII   Psychic Artist

What are typical questions that people ask? What do they come to you for?

Finances, jobs, relationships, health of other people as well as for themselves but people ask about their family too; I would say that about covers everything.

Is there one (question) that is most asked?

Probably relationships or finances or career. It depends. They go in streaks and cycles.

Do answers always come through?

No. (Abby chuckles.)

So what happens if you don’t get an answer?

Something usually shows up, but when you’re doing this it’s kind of like you’re talking (for Spirit) and you talk fast, it works fast! It’s like randomness of subjects that, at the end, pull everything together I suppose. Usually I’ll get something, but sometimes they (Spirit) don’t want to talk about that so I’ll get something else to talk about and start going back (to the original subject) and usually I’ll get some kind of feeling or vibe.

Do people try and trick you? Do they make up stories to tell you to see if you come up with an answer to their fake story?

I’ve never come across that, that I know, of course I’m psychic but I’ve never had an experience of that sort. No.

Or, are some of the people resistant? Do they ask, but are still not open to it (Spirit advice)?

Yes! And that sucks!

What happens when they are not open to it? Do you have trouble doing a reading?

Yes. When people put walls up, you have to break down their wall to start getting in there in a sense. Like, sometimes you don’t get anything (anything coming in for the reading from Spirit), and so then you know you have to kind of change your focus so you can break through that. What I usually do is say, “You put walls up, (because) I think you are resisting” or I’ll say, “Do you have a hard time (with this)?” Usually the reason is that they don’t want to know, or they are scared, or they just don’t believe it, or they’re emotionally shut off. And so, one of those things you can do is start talking around it, then they start opening up a little. It’s like talking somebody into an awesome haircut that they’ll love.

Do you get a lot of emotion from people?

Yes. You know, I even think (when I am talking to somebody) that intuitives are kind of counselors. So you know when you go to the counselor and feel like ‘oh, I can cry.’ But, you normally wouldn’t cry (in a typical situation). It’s kind of like we are prepared that something emotional is going to happen so it comes easier (for us to accept) I think, and you know on top of that, I have a lot of angels surrounding me and on top of that, they (clients) are getting things validated and they are having people come through so they may be very emotional.

So besides the spirit that is really wanting to talk to them (the client), like some nearby relative, what do the angels do? Do they assist you in some kind of understanding?

They heal particularly and guide. My spirit guide works through me, that is, my spirit guide is the main person that works through me. But the angels are there for protection and I think they also work with emotional blockages and they heal. Guidance, protection and healing; that’s why they are there.

What are they protecting you from?

They are protecting me from any negativity coming in from the other person or any negativity that may be surrounding them, or just any kind of negativity.

I remember you saying that with your gall bladder you had been taking on people’s negative thoughts.

Yeah, negativity, and you can actually pull that in and that’s not good! So if you don’t know what you are doing, other people have this problem if they don’t understand, they can be picking up on a lot of people especially if they are empaths or intuitive people, they are very sensitive like a deer with the ears (Abby demonstrates super alert deer ears) and they can pick up anything. Or, a bat that feels vibrations off of things and pick it up. So being intuitive or empathic, you’re very sensitive to energy, period; physical and emotional energy and spiritual.

And when you are doing the reading, what do you see or hear? Do you just hear voices or do you actually picture a little movie going, or…

I get a movie going. They like to show me houses to validate, and they like to show me weird things, they’ll show me anything from Mother Mary’s statue to a chicken hot pad, to the way a room looks- I can see the whole room, or I see scenes from people’s childhood. Where I’m trying to validate somebody, they’ll give me a scene so I can kind of explain what’s going on. Sometimes they’ll...

Abigail Newman

Ayala Chen

Chapter XI  Kabbalistic Astrologer

There is an entire field called Kabbalistic Astrology based on an astrological tradition in Judaism, but it is my belief that all of astrology and all of Kabbalah are united at an even deeper juncture. I started from basic intuitive connections; for example the month someone is born in is important in Judaism, and the day they were born, if there was a holy person who passed on that day, then they may be connected to that soul trajectory. I studied people's birthdays from the Kabalistic perspective side by side with their astrology charts and would find crossover points  where they were telling the same story—a story that could only be fully deciphered by combining the two traditions, or perhaps two halves of one lost tradition. I was thinking, 'what are these two sacred traditions drawing at that are bringing down this information that is really only accessible from this inner place of connection'? There are ways to study those disciplines that are very intellectual, but once you're in that connected space, they start fusing together and emerging from a shared nameless field.


Where did you learn all this! When I read your posts on Facebook, it blows me away. I have no idea what it means that so and so part of this planet is affecting another part, and so on. Who taught you all these things? With the astrology, I'm an autodidact; I like doing my own research and I have a feel for what's authentic and what is emerging from another’s viewpoint. My curiosity has led me to extensive personal research and study as well as  archived, online and live lectures of modern-day experts. With Kabbalah, I've been studying my whole life in institutions and training, but with astrology, I have charted my own course of study and research. In recent years, I've been immersed in charts. It gets me up in the morning, this ongoing search, this mystery that I want to keep unfolding and uncovering, and sometimes it all shatters; my rational mind kicks in. With anything that's based on synchronicity and correlation you can have amazing moments when everything comes together, and then it starts to disintegrate a little, so it is definitely an emotional journey in trying to recover all these ancient systems.


Are those moments psychic? In other words, do you think you are psychic or know that you are?


That was one of the things I learned in my first reading. I was told I have some powerful planets in my 12th house, which is the house of the unconscious, and Neptune, which is also the planet of the unconscious that would lead to psychic abilities. I was studying metaphysical subjects and was always curious and drawn to those, but we're raised in a world in which I was never empowered to connect to that place. It's almost like it was always hovering underneath the surface. The astrology was this gateway to accessing it; especially other people's charts, there was a certain period when I would have to read charts, because that's what would get me in that base of coming back to this well of wisdom inside. It's like it wouldn't take part unless I was studying something that was beyond the mind.


Does the Kabbalah come before astrology or does astrology affect Kabbalah? It's interesting. All this stuff about intuition and connecting to the inner wellspring of wisdom; that's all over Kabbalah. I think that's also why they say that you need an instructor or you need it to be transmitted because you can read these texts your whole life, but if your head is the thing reading them, even if you are very educated and spiritual, the head is only getting one percent of it. Everything in Kabbalah is trying to connect a person to...

Ayala Chen

John Wayne

Chapter IX Shaman

I’ll give you an example of one (journey) I did when I moved to Colorado. A friend of mine called me up and said, ‘John, can you do a soul retrieval for my mom?’ I said alright, what’s going on? I found out that Mary was Iranian, living in Boulder at the time, had been sent to live here in the USA when she was three years old to be raised by relatives. For whatever reason, her parents could not leave Iran so Mary was raised here. Since the age of three, she had never seen her parents. Her mother visited in the 1990s and at that time, she was about 70 years old and didn’t speak English. So Mary said her mother ‘had a really big pain in her chest and we’ve had her to two hospitals and three different doctors and they all say there’s something wrong with her. So we know there’s something wrong and we want you to make a journey for her.’ Mary explained to her mom what was going to happen. When I journey, people ask can I watch. I say sure, but I lay down when I leave my body and all they will see is just my body laying on the floor looking like it is asleep.

Mary explained to her mom and her mom was willing to try anything. We lay down in Mary's family room and I set up some candles by an alter where I can play my tape. So I pop out of my body, I meet my guide, and the first thing we do is go to this really large lake. Now, whether it’s a dream, a meditation, or shamanic journey, the symbolism is the same. Water symbolizes emotion. This lake was a very large lake, so I knew she was a very emotional person, and it was also dead calm so I knew if the water was quiet, everything emotionally was okay. Then my guide said, ‘now we’re going to walk up the river that feeds this lake and as we do, we’re going back in time.’ So we walked up this path along the side of the river that I could tell was between five and six meters and there was a waterfall. With water being emotion, a waterfall meant something upsetting that happened. And there was Mary's mother at the base of the waterfall. She didn’t speak English, but in journey, we could understand each other. The only thing she would say was she was afraid and didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t know what to do; that’s all she kept repeating.

I was able to absorb that part of her into the crystal and my guide said, ‘now we’re going to go way upstream to where she is 17 years old. When I see her, she’s in a multicolored dress and there is a party going on, so I knew when she was 17, everything was okay. My guide then said, ‘now we’re going to step back and look at what happened between these two time periods.’ The waterfall was when she was 65, and the time now, she was 17. As we move back down the river, there wasn’t a calm spot. It was all waterfalls, whitewater and rapids and since water was emotion, her whole life from 17 to the last waterfall was just one big emotional wreck.

Well, years ago when I first walked the journey, I met these people I call the dog men that live within the earth, called the lower world. The dog men do healing on people and places. So, on this journey as my guide and I are watching the river, the dog men show up and start to walk up and down the river picking up pieces of her heart. Now, the dog men have a shaman as well, and his name is Kakuma. They handed all those pieces of her heart to him, and remember this is all symbolic. I watched him sew all those pieces together to make a whole heart, then he gave it to me to give back to her. So that is the two pieces; the heart and the waterfall that I brought back to her. I came back to my body and do what I have to do to get those energies back into her body and I start to tell her what happened in the journey.

It was five and a half years earlier that her husband died and that was the waterfall I could tell was between five and six years. She was 17 years old when they got married and had their first child and that was the happy time. He was a very controlling person and she could not do anything in her whole life except breathe without his permission. That’s why when he died; she didn’t know what was going to happen because she never had any control in her life. There was a lot of conversation about that and I learned a lot about her parents through the conversation so that aided in the healing. It was a couple days later that Mary called me up and said all the pain in her mother’s chest was gone! That’s an example of a soul retrieval that also had healing effects and that can quite often happen.

I worked on a guy years ago that had abdominal problems and my journey took me to retrieve a piece of him that (I don’t remember, four lifetimes ago) when he was stabbed in the gut and killed. The subsequent lifetimes after that (you’ve got six other bodies besides your physical body) as you incarnate into physical form, you cut through these other worlds, you cut through these planes or other vibration levels, whatever you want to call that, and you attract this subtle substance to you in each one of those planes. Now when your central makeup has that traumatic experience of, in this case, of stabbing, those other bodies are your aura. So when he came to those other planes and attracted the subtle substance to him that made up his aura, it was all charged emotionally with that stabbing. In this lifetime, everything manifests in physical form, and though it took 40 years with that being in his aura, it manifested into this physical ailment of abdominal problems, so once that piece was retrieved and brought back to him and explained to him, his problems went away.

If somebody isn’t having problems that they know of, do they ever ask for retrieval to see if they had anything in their past that they need help with? ...


John Wayne

Christine Day

Chapter X  Pleiadian Connection/Medium

IN 1994 I HAD MY FIRST CONSCIOUS CONNECTION TO AND communication with the Pleiadians. It sounds extraordinary, I know, but this is exactly how it happened.

          I was out walking in nature. I turned a corner into a meadow and found myself staring at a huge space ship about 20 meters away from me. Coming out of the ship was a group of ten Pleiadians. As they moved towards me they were greeting me telepathically. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of their love for me; a love that instantly awoke within me a deep remembrance of my Pleiadian heritage. It brought me to the memory of what I had pre-agreed to do on this earth plane in this lifetime.

          With startling clarity, I instantly remembered my mission here: I was to act as a Pleiadian ambassador here on this earth plane. My role was to be a bridge between the Pleiadians and humans; to create a deeper understanding and awareness of the existence of the Pleiadians, so that we, as human beings, would have an opportunity to open up and receive the support that they can bring us. This support is essential for all of us at this time of great change on this earth plane.

          But my most important role was to bring an understanding to the Pleiadians of how we need to process as human beings. This understanding was necessary for the Pleiadians, and would allow them to create a series of light initiations that could work for us, while bypassing the human ego. The Pleiadians activate these light energies in the form of light initiations so that we can birth ourselves within these energies and fully utilize and work with them for our awakening process.

          The Pleiadians are here on our earth plane to aid in the dimensional birthing of our planet and to assist those of us that are willing to awaken to full knowledge and understanding of ourselves. They hold what they call ‘energetic platforms,’ which open up powerful opportunities for us to re-align back into our natural spiritual natures, which is to say, our higher self.

          You may be asking yourself why the Pleiadians are helping us? What’s in it for them?

          Understand that the entire Universe has its attention on planet earth at this time. The reason for this is that we are dimensionally transforming as a planet, and soon we will all be energetically re-aligned back into ‘the family of light’. We will be taking ...

Christine Day
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