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...Just Thinking About… Waking Up

Updated: May 24, 2018

Waking up with bright sunlight streaming through my window this morning made me glad today. Glad I was alive to face another day no matter what happens. Glad I could see the deep blue sky, green leaves on my trees and golden sunshine. Glad for all the birds singing outside my window on my feeders- goldfinches, woodpeckers including downy, hairy and red bellied, red breasted grosbeaks, nuthatches, titmice, song sparrows, orioles, cardinals, purple finches and more. Glad I could see all their colors, hear their happy songs, feel the cool air by my open window and touch the warmth of the sunlight. Glad the air I am breathing is clear and scented with the fresh smell of springtime, of the smell of earth after the rain last night and blossoms in my trees. Glad for a house to live in. Glad for running water and heat and electricity and computers. Glad for having a loving family and for love itself. Yes, I am glad today.

We make our own happiness by deciding to be glad, to appreciate life. Of course, rotten things happen but how we look at them and treat them make all the difference. Do we fall apart or do we consider life as a supreme teacher?

I am glad today.

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