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Edward Rogers: Biography

Growing up in 50s Milwaukee provided Edward with the idyllic life of security where everything was spelled out, women had their rules, men had theirs and we were all against communism. But, as events often happen, he was catapulted out of his layer of safe sanctuary into a world of unknown undertakings first working as a teacher, then having a multitude of jobs, each pushing him farther into the extremes of poverty and enlightenment.

Becoming a dairy farmer, building houses, working with people with severe mental and physical disabilities, hauling milk in a semi, living in a haunted house, writing, and more helped hone his path toward the spiritual realms.

Suddenly being flung into a messy divorce, Edward spent his last money on a reading with internationally-known psychic medium, Rosemary Altea. The despair and anger that were engulfing and leading him deeply down the darkest of paths unexpectedly lifted from his shoulders as he was told by his grandmother in spirit that he could choose a completely new path free from all previous encumbrances. At that moment, Edward forgave everyone involved in his situation and immediately felt the burden of weight on his shoulders removed, feeling light as a feather and once again happy!

Never looking back, Edward continued this spiritual path investigating and befriending many mediums and, along this route, discovered that many people were now open to this new path delving into other dimensions. The time was ripe to write about different gifts that mediums possessed so all people would have a chance to experience the real feelings and lives of mediums and ascertain that, instead of being witches of dark energy as portrayed in the past, mediums were totally the opposite, leading us into the light with their messages from other dimensions including the spirit world.

May you ever walk toward the light.

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