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...Talking to Animals

Updated: May 24, 2018

No, I am not crazy, at least in my mind I am not. But, I talk to animals and listen to them talk back. If you might be thinking that I have conversations with them, I will admit that yes, sometimes I do but I don’t expect them to answer back other than maybe nose or ear wiggles or a lick.

Being a musician I have trained ears that appreciate the sounds that come into my head. Since I was a small child I would make the sound of whatever I was hearing. If a dog barks, I make that same sound. If that same dog stops barking each time I bark back, then I know I have said something pertinent to it.

On my daily nature walks I will encounter many animals. They talk to me and I talk back though I have no idea what I am telling them. When I pass cows, I will moo at them and they will run to the fence to see who their strange new friend is. Squirrels will poke their heads from their tree holes to see who is chipping at them. Birds will follow me when I copy their call, though they are probably angry at me for interfering with singing for their mates. At night, owls will move in closer and closer when I call to them.

One night I was taking my dog for a walk in my back yard and a wolf howled in the distance. Not considering the consequences I howled back. There was a brief moment of silence before another howl suddenly rose from a stone’s throw away. My dog cowered and I felt the hair rise on my neck and arms. This wolf was coming for a visit so I hastily retreated to my house being towed by my anxious dog that had her tail between her legs.

On a trip to a zoo I started calling to a pelican that seemed very interested in what I was saying, even if I had no idea what that was. The pelican sauntered over to me to observe as I squatted down near it. He seemed to be making friends with me! I reached out a hand of friendship and he immediately swallowed my whole arm, engulfing it with his stretchy pouch below his beak. He chewed on my arm a bit before releasing me and waddling off.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe spirits try to talk to us like this but we just don’t understand what they are trying to say. Perhaps we need to quiet ourselves and listen and observe. We may not be able to hear voices directly but you might surprise yourself having a conversation in your head with a spirit. Quiet yourself and use your senses to observe. Listen with your nose; do you smell the scent of a loved one who has passed? Listen to your touch; do you feel a gentle touch on your arm or perhaps the hair on your neck and back and arms might stand up.

Spirits talk to us all the time. Talk back and listen and you might just start having conversations with those that you thought were gone. They are with us always. Listen.

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