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... Just Thinking About… Minding Our Business

Updated: May 24, 2018

Much of my life I spent worrying whether someone was approving of me; of what I was doing, or saying, or how I looked. For some reason I can’t explain, what people thought of me mattered more than how I thought of myself.

Not only that, but I found myself doing the same for others. I would see someone and judge how they were dressed, how they talked, what they ate or any of a myriad amount of things that might displease me about them. I would listen to gossip about people and believe what I was being told instead of finding out for myself. I would listen to the radio or TV and assume that what was being said was the truth.

Later in life I was not the person I had started out to be. I allowed others to make opinions of me and I let that bother me to the point of changing myself to fit to their specifications. I was so changed in my marriage trying to please my spouse, that I was no longer the person I had been in the beginning.

If you read my book (Mediums Not So Rare- you will be able to see this in more detail. But, you will also be able to see that my life took a complete turnaround. I discovered that what others thought of me didn’t matter. What they thought of me was not even my concern. It was not my business whatever they thought. The only opinion that counted was my own. This happened to me in an instant and at that point it was like I had found my wings and took off in complete freedom.

When we allow others to shape our lives, we lose our true selves. Shake those shackles of bondage that others try to heap on us. Find your wings. Fly free.

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