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...Just Get Dirty

Updated: May 24, 2018

I like to be out in nature getting dirty. I like to lie in the grass and watch the endless changing shapes of clouds while naming each one. I like to draw shapes in a dusty road and watch bugs crawl over my artwork. I like to dig in the soil- deeply- feeling the cool dirt on my hands, turning it over and over and sifting it through my fingers and raise it to my nose to smell the earthy scent that makes me close my eyes and travel back to my childhood.

At the end of the day I feel best when I am covered with dust and dirt because then I know I have been one with Mother Earth. I have felt her caresses and smelled her perfume and, in a way, have been born once more like all the green that springs from her tresses and my mind wanders among the trees that reach up from that dirt to give us life and beauty.

Yes, I like to get dirty. Thank you, Mother Earth, for being there for us all.

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