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Edward Rogers


                                 Sometimes life treats you harshly. Sometimes life couldn't be any better.  

                               Change happens in our lives as a wake-up call. We can be excited by that change; we can                                  be devastated by that change. How we react is not the final verdict. When our life falls                                      apart we can treat it as a learning experience. It is never easy to endure change when                                          everything we know comes crashing down, leaving us feeling like garbage washed up on                                  the beach.

Sometimes this learning experience takes us into realms that we never knew existed; a place where we learn that life goes on after we might think it has ended. It may lead us into that 'aha' moment that not only awakens us to new ideas, but also shows us that things we considered magical might be possible.

It was on this journey that I met my first medium through a book I accidentally picked up. My life was in  shambles and I had only a few dollars left. I arranged to consult with Rosemary Altea and was whisked away into the world of spirits, receiving messages from some of my own dear loved ones who had left this world long ago.

The advice my loved ones gave me changed me forever and I dived headfirst into a quest to learn more about the spirit world and mediums, and more precisely, what makes mediums tick, and discovering that speaking to people in the spirit world is not only a single way. As different as we humans are from each other, so mediums approach the world of spirits in their own ways.

Join me on my new path of enlightenment; relearning what I thought I had known and finding about life on the other side of the veil.

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Edward Rogers/Dean C. Young 
The Girl Who Talked to Ghosts: A True Story
Mediums Not So Rare: Psychic Gifts of the Mediums

This is a book for adults dealing with  mediums, spiritual communication and growth, and a life struggle of moving from despair to enlightenment.

Prepare to be amazed!

The Girl Who Talked to Ghosts:

A True Story

Dean C. Young


Children have many experiences with spirits. This book details living in a haunted house and is written to relate to children 3rd grade through adult. Learn how a family deals with a house full of ghosts. 

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